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Laundry powder for whites and baby diapers REFILL

Laundry powder for whites and baby diapers REFILL

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About this product, how does it work

Thanks to an improved formula, the new laundry powder for whites is more sensitive to nature and has better washing results even if less amount is used. The washing power of the product is enhanced by soapnut powder which replaced the previously used soapnut extract. Instead of the original 50 g, 15 g of the powder are now fully sufficient. The product also contains baking soda which naturally supresses bad odours. As our powder for whites is unscented, you may give it an individual scent by adding a few drops of any essential oil. Not suitable for fleece materials for risk of reducing their absorption properties.    
The powder is very well tolerated by skin of babies under the age of 3. Not only do we know this from our own experience and the experience of our customers, but the product has also been certified for skin tolerance as well as being suitable for washing small baby’s clothes. Tested on humans :-)

What to use it for

  • for whites and textiles with colour fastness properties made from natural fibres or mixed fabrics
  • children’s clothes and cloth diapers (except fleece materials)
  • for bedding
  • suitable for washing at temperatures over 40˚C

How to use it

Instructions for use: 15 g powder (1 tablespoon) for a washing cycle,  4-5 kg laundry.
If materials allow, the minimal temperature should be 40 ºC (to facilitate the dissolution of sweat and grease).
Washing in hard water: We recommend using Water softener or increase the amount of the powder up to twice. Water hardness may be determined by our Water hardness testing strip.
For stains: Before washing, treat stains with Gall soap or Olive oil soap with lemon extract (the vegan alternative).
For heavily soiled clothes: Increase the amount of the powder up to twice or let the clothes soak in warm water mixed with 1 – 2 tablespoons of PUER beaching powder before washing, ideally overnight.
Rinsing: We recommend using our Laundry rinse, as it neutralises pH of the washing bath and rinses residual of impurities and detergents, thus preventing possible skin irritation.